DBS Films works across the Independent (Not For Profit) and Commercial (Paying The Bills) sectors of image based storytelling. In doing so, we tell genuinely not for profit stories. Sometimes the story is ours, sometimes we help tell yours.

Story is the magic that conjures reality and shapes our world from the hopes, dreams and aspiration of the storyteller. If the story being told, the spell forming the world, isn't yours, the world isn't either. You're just along for the ride.

Whatever and whoever's story we tell, we do so with the same passion, commitment, flair and skill as we use telling our own. DBS Films does not have a copy and paste template. Each project is bespoke, crafted for a singular purpose.


We work from the firm understanding story is what makes our world the way it is. As such, we have the understanding, and determination, we should all have the opportunity to contribute to that story and we do not need anyone else's permission to do so.

Not for profit is where the collaborators making up Drive By Shooting Films tell their stories. Some of which can be seen in every section of our output, in film, in photography, sound and illustration.

You're not going to like everything we do for ourselves, you might not even approve. No matter, ignore our stories, tell your own. If you need some help, our Commercial Division is just what you need.


Telling stories is an art and a craft. A skill that takes time, effort and commitment to master. Some say it's a talent not everyone can, or has the time needed to develop.

Yet we all have a story to tell. This is where we come in. The commercial side of DBS Films is where we commit our time, our talent, and our experience, to telling your story.

Your story might be heart felt and lodged deep in your soul, it might be crazy, wonderful or fantastical. It might be simply you want to capture a special occasion or promote what you do.

Whatever it is, we'll help you do it as best as we can and you can afford. Examples of past collaboration can be seen across all of our output.

Drive By Shooting Films

DBS Films maintains a roster of collaborators to produce film and video in a range of styles and scales.

John Le Brocq

John began as an Editorial Illustrator for National Media before co-founding Cinderella Productions to create Fringe Theatre and Short Films. Studied Photography, Illustration and Design at Carmarthen and Falmouth, then Film at AFECT. Developed and tutored the 1 Month Intensive Filmmaking Certificate at London Film Academy. As commercial video work grew, John founded Drive By Shooting Films where his main production roles are Director, Director of Photography and Writer.

Dom Argar

Dom began by studying Art & Photography at Trowbridge College, followed by Music at Chippenham College, and then finally completing a 3-year honours degree in Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University. Developed and tutored a sound design course for Wiltshire College that was specifically crafted for their film, videogame, and animation modules. Specialising in all aspects of sound design as a storytelling device to assist narrative-driven experiences.